ABA Therapy



What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis  (ABA)  is a statistically-supported method of therapy based on cause and effect. Desirable behaviors earn a reinforcing reward, and undesirable behaviors do not. Extensive data is collected and analyzed to determine the efficacy of each intervention, providing therapists a scientific framework to tailor their techniques to each individual’s needs; maximizing success. ABA has been proven effective in shaping nearly every aspect of adaptive behavior, including learning, speech, social interaction, and self-help skills.

More About ABA Therapy:

Initially a therapist will assess an individual with autism to learn more about interfering problem behaviors and their functional skills. The therapist will assess the function of problem behavior and determine appropriate replacement behavior targets. This information will be put together into a behavior plan that is individualized for each person. Behavior goals typically target the reduction of interfering behaviors and the improvement of functional skill deficits. An important part of ABA therapy is the collection and analysis of data on the client’s behaviors. This data will drive intervention decisions.


We are in-network ABA providers for TennCare Select and TriCare-Military.


Other insurance groups who will cover ABA therapy are:
United Healthcare Commercial and Humana